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Applying to university doesn’t have to be stressful with our 4 step guide

UniIf you want to attend university next year, now is the time to start thinking about applying. It may seem early, but you’ll thank us later down the road when everyone is panic applying and scrambling to get together all of the relevant information. However, even if you apply extremely early, the process is always a little stressful. Follow our tips for an easy application process!!

1. Research

There are a lot of things to consider when trying to decide which university attend. When you’ve decided on a few locations research the Universities or Colleges in that area by reading resource books, ordering prospectus’ and searching their websites. Remember the universities your friends apply to may not be the right options for you. Some questions to ask yourself when looking at various campus’:

Do they offer a course that interests you?

Are you able to get the grades in order to be accepted?

What’s the atmosphere like there?

Do you like the location?

Is financial support available? Or are you able to afford the fees?

Write down pros and cons for each university, you’ll be able whittle your list down quite quickly.

2. Preparation

Once you have decided on the schools you wish to apply to, create a chart to keep on top of the process. On this chart note application due dates, requirements (grade scores), essay requirements (with topics and work counts) and open days (when you can visit the school). Know in advance how much time you’ll need and over what time scale.

3. Submit before the due dates

Chances are everyone applying to school will be applying right before the deadline. As most applications are now done online, there is always a possibility that the website might crash, especially if thousands of prospective students are all applying at once. Bear this is mind and apply a week early! 

4. Over sharing

Don’t feel like you have to tell anyone about your applications other than your family. It may be tempting to say or post on social media that you’re applying to an Ivy League University, but you’re setting yourself up further pressure. People like to discuss who’s going where and who didn’t get in to their top choice. In reality you may be suited to a different school.

Good luck with the applications!


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