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Tips for parents to improve their child’s spelling

Learning to spell

When it comes to your child’s education your role as the parent is pivotal in helping them achieve success. Alongside after school tutoring and study groups, here are some handy tips to help your child with spelling.

  • When reading to your little ones point out the patterns in words. For example if there’s double “oo” in word, make the sound and encourage them to look for other words that sound and look the same. 
  • When your child asks how to spell a word, encourage them to spell the word first. Only when they spell it wrong should you slowing spell the word out for them, they’re more likely to remember the spelling this way.
  • Point out words that are related to each other and have similar meanings. For example the words tragic and tragically don’t sound that alike but their spellings are. Once your child can spell tragic then encourage them to spell tragically!
  • Break up longer words so that they are easier for children to memorize. You can break them up in to sounds or in to smaller words depending on the word. 
  • For younger children associating words that rhyme with each other is a very effective way of helping them to spell. If they know how to spell tend, ask them how to spell bend.

Good luck! Let us know if any of these tips help or if you have any to add to the list!



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