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What do your children know about Easter?

For many people, Easter is all about the long weekend but what many families forget is that Easter is the most important festival in the Christian calendar. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, three days after he was executed. Even if your family are not of the Christian faith, it’s important to educated children on the beliefs of others.

The week leading up to the Easter weekend is known as Holy Week. The sunday before Easter Sunday is called Palm Sunday and it is the first day of Holy Week. It is believed that this is when Jesus arrived in Jerusalem riding on a donkey. Often small crosses made from palm leaves will be given out as a reminder of Jesus’ entrance in Jerusalem and his death on the cross. 

The Thursday before the Easter weekend is commonly known as Maundy Thursday. This is when Jesus ate the Passover meal with his disciples, also called the Last Supper. Christians remember this every Sunday during Mass where they share bread and wine. 

Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Sunday. It commemorates the execution of Jesus by crucifixion. In some countries, there are special Good Friday processions, or re-enactments of the Crucifixion.

Easter Sunday marks Jesus’ resurrection. Christians believe that Jesus overcame death and sin, and if they follow his teachings they too will have eternal life in heaven. 

There are many ways to celebrate and learn about Easter in Toronto over the next couple of weeks. Families can buy or make chocolate Easter eggs and give them as gifts to one another. It is a nice gesture as traditionally they are a symbol of new life. 

There are various events being held throughout Toronto over the next couple of weeks, including Easter egg hunts, which will be fun for the little ones! One thing that shouldn’t be missed is the Toronto Beaches Lions Annual Easter Parade which has been held every year since 1966. 

You can educate your children further about Easter with some of these fun activities curtsy of ABC Teach


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