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3 Reasons Why We Are Grateful To Be Educators

Like many others, we see our role as teachers as something more than a day-to-day job, we’re educators, we help shape the future generation. It’s a profession which excites and makes us thankful for the small triumphs in the classroom and the bigger achievements at the end of each schooling year. We’re thankful that we’re able to do what we do and we do it with pride. Here are our 3 reasons why we are grateful to be educators, what are yours?

1. Technology. The technology of communication has made it so it is easy to connect to like minded teachers across the world and we’re able to find resources that enhance our students classroom experience. Connecting with teachers from across with world whether it be on Twitter or on an education blog, their opinions and ideas influence our day-to-day activities. Finding out how other educators teach is interesting, productive and fun.

2. New teachers. Each generation of educators brings a new light to our profession, it’s exciting to hear what ideas new teachers have. Our students are ever changing and so should we, talking to and working with new teachers is as rewarding for us as it is for them.

3. Freedom of ideas. Deciding how to teach a subject each week and allowing our students to form their own opinions on certain topics makes interesting lessons for students and teachers alike.


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