Top TIFF Films for Kids

It’s the middle of TIFF mania, you’ve attended late night films with friends and evening parties with coworkers, but have you thought about taking your kids to a showing? This year TIFF has shown many great films suitable for children and some of them could even be educational! Even if you’ve missed the last showing, or it’s sold out, it’s worth checking them out when they hit the cinemas.

African Safari (directed by Ben Sassen)

Following animal behaviourist Kevin Richardson (a.k.a. “The Lion Whisperer”) and Kenyan film producer Mara Douglas-Hamilton as they travel on land and by hot-air balloon from the Namibian desert to Mt. Kilimanjaro, African Safari captures the incredible beauty of the African landscape and unforgettable views of animals in their natural habitat.

Animals check. Geography lesson check.

Bahar in Wonderland (Directed by Behrooz Karamizade)

Young Bahar is surrounded by danger as she and her father try to make their way from Syria to Germany, but she believes she has found her own unique way to defend herself and fight her fears. 

Not for a young child but it’s a good film to highlight the conditions and situations which people from other countries experience.

Better Together

Whether facing a challenge, playing a game or dreaming up a new invention, two heads are always better than one! This collection of short films shows how cooperation, creativity and fun are the keys to successful teamwork.

Themes: Teamwork, friendship, creativity, cooperation

The Famous 5

Our favourite crime-foiling quintet tries to beat a gang of crooks to a long-lost pirate treasure in this heart-pounding new adventure.

Once they’ve seen the films then encourage them to read the books before bed!


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